Alamo Area Aquatics Diving has 2 locations in San Antonio, TX.

Trinity University in Central San Antonio
​​Palo Alto College in South San Antonio
Diving lessons begin in September to May

​Summer Camp located at Palo Alto Natatorium

Summer Camp begins June to July

Summer lessons location is at Palo Alto times are pending

To pay your $60 yearly registration and tuition fees on the Square: 

We have diving for all levels must be 5+years to start and a good swimmer

Diving 1/Beginner lessons:​

​Athletes will learn: not required to travel out of town

body control, position, and safety
how to read dive numbers​
flexibility and stretching
front and back jumps
front and back fall-ins

Diving 2/Intermediate Level Athletes will learn: not required to travel out of town

trampoline and dry land skills 5 diving groups and all positions on both the 1 and 3-meter springboards front, back, inward, and front somersault 1 step front approaches lead up to more advanced dives

can travel out of town

Diving ​3/Advance Level Athletes will learn:
increased body control, position, and safety​
advanced trampoline and dry land skills​
​improved take offs
advanced 1 and 3-meter skills
increase in conditioning
tower dives
prepares for Travel Team

Travel Team: National Level -By Invitation Only

required to travel out of town and required to purchase team gear and required to travel out of town
​Athletes get an opportunity to continue expanding their dive lists and degree of difficulty.
This will include regional, zone, national, and possibly international meets
depending on ability, dedication, and qualifying scores.

Follow us on "Remind @aaadd to get up to the minute info. on class changes and meetings. 


Alamo Area Aquatics Diving